Earthwise Electric 60120 Cordless Lawn Mower Review

There are several reasons why a lawn mower may be needed for land owners. Being able to maintain the land that you own is very important. Some places have regulations where your grass must be cut. If it does not, you are considered having broken a town ordinance and may be subjected to fines. Living out in the country, or non-town areas will have bigger areas to mow, but not be subjected to the same exact ordinances. Having a reliable lawn mower that you can easily maneuver through your lawn is ideal in any location.

Description and Details

There are several great features of this electric lawn mower including that it has a level that helps control the height of the cut from one and three-fourths to three and three fourths of an inch. There is a plug included that is easy to turn the mulch process off and on. There is also a bag to catch grass that is cut and a discharge chute. The safety features include a key and a blade control that you can have access to while pushing, as it is on the handle bar. This handle bar also includes a padded grip with the ability to fold easily. The back wheels are one inch more than the seven inch front wheels.

The Strengths of the 60120 from Earthwise

The motor of this electric lawn mower has been raved about regarding its ability to cut through a foot of wet grass and still keep cutting. One charge of the battery was sufficient enough to hand a small yard, according to lawn mower reviews sent in by those who have purchased and tried this lawn mower. Others noted that the cutting path was fairly wide, making it easier and quicker to tackle their lawn. Another strength of the 60120 is that the battery can easily be removed with one click and charged up with the charger included. It can also be charged while still in the lawn mower.

The Weaknesses of the 60120 from Earthwise

The maintenance of the battery is a bit over the top for some consumers. Per the manual, you are to charge it every thirty days while it is not being used, so in the off-season. Consumers find that hard to manage when they are not actively using it. Also, the battery can only charge for twenty four house, after that, the battery might start to malfunction. The handle on this mower is also displeasing to some consumers as it is not a true fold down handle, but one you must remove screws to allow the handle to be removed for storage.

In Conclusion

This lawn mower can be a great addition to your lawn tools if you have a small to medium sized lawn. It can be a great asset to those who do not like the fumes from a gas powered lawn mower. People who have purchased this lawn mower have stated that there may be one or two flaws, but the pros definitely outweigh them. Lawn mowers are needed by anyone who may have a patch of grass to cut or more. It doesn’t matter if you have a fourth of an acre or eighty acres, grass can get out of hand if not properly maintained.