Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

Rowing has a wealth of benefits for strength and general well-being by relying on the the natural sequence of movements that come with the motion and movement of such a routine, making it one of the most effective types of exercise today. When you can stay in shape and train in your own home, that’s even better and with a reliable rowing machine to help you accomplish your goals without having to go to the gym, it’s even easier.  The Kettler Favorit is the perfect machine for the task, boasting a range of wonderful features including dual hydraulic cylinders designed to provide continuous rowing resistance, a comfortable ergonomic seat, easy to decipher display electronics on a training computer programmed to give the user information on a variety of important workout data for the duration of the exercise regimen.

Optimum Resistance for The Best Workout

The Favorit has two different resistance levels which can be set by the clamp and pistons located on each of the arms. Adjust the resistance on one or both as your routine dictates and you can even set the resistance based upon other factors such as age, stamina, and experience. You have a wide range of resistance levels which can be set to along 50 knurl marks located on each oar to provide a  full spectrum of resistance challenges.

Digital Data Display Makes Your Workout More Effective

Kettler has equipped the Favorit with a comprehensive onboard training computer that helps you get fit by providing a plethora of useful workout data that includes time, distance rowed, amount of energy consumed, oar strokes, and of course your pulse rate through an infrared earlobe clip sensor. You can also purchase an additional Polar T34 chest strap heart rate monitor which wirelessly transmits the data to the computer as well. The clear, easy to read LCD screen displays all of this information and more including little details like the room temperature before and after the workout.

Solid Construction Results in a Better Product

Kettler has built this rowing machine with only the highest quality materials. High carbon, powder coated steel brings sturdy, long-lasting durability to the entire frame including the rail, handles, pistons and foot plates. The seat uses sealed ball bearings to ensure that it glides smoothly and evenly along the rail, eliminating the need for lubrication. Thick cushioning keeps the seat comfortable for the entire length of the workout.

Summing Up

The Favorit is one of the easier machines to assemble with easy-to-follow instructions for getting the job done and it’s also a lightweight unit, coming in at around 50 lbs. The machine also folds up and can be stored away until the next workout. Add to that the sturdy construction, adjustable resistance settings, and comprehensive training computer and you’ve got one pretty amazing rowing machine that can help you reach all of your fitness goals from the comfort of your living room.