Powerline P2X Home Gym Review

I can already here the question ringing in your ears. “Where is the best place to get more info about that home gym which I have wanted for a while?” Well my friend, I am here to help and I can happily answer that question. The answer is right here! Ok so in all seriousness that may not have been your burning issue of the day but this review is here to take a look at one home gym in particular, the Powerline P2X, and see if it is suitable for you to put in your home. Now let’s get to answering those questions!                                 

So tell me about its features

The Powerline has been designed to be very user friendly. This multi-functioning gym has been cleverly engineered to offer free range movements and an exceptional range of motion for a user of any size. They have combined an ergonomically correct chest press and a functioning training arm to let you have the best of both worlds! Every little detail has been considered with this machine, and the multi-position hand grips are testament to that. Perhaps the best features are the smooth pulleys, which will enable you to do a variety of exercises from any position in a room.

Which kind of workouts can it help me with?

It doesn’t matter if you want to work out your chest, your arms or your legs, this machine has something for everything. The leg press will ensure that those thighs are getting blasted; the multi-press arms will ensure that your upper body gets tested to the max and with the fixed pulleys you can get started on that six pack! 

Tell me about the positive elements

When you take a look at the Powerline as a whole package there isn’t much wrong with it at all. It has everything needed for a full body workout and it has it all in a small and neatly presented package. The shipping is efficient, it doesn’t weigh a great amount and it is relatively easy to set up. Everything you look for in a home gym.

And tell me about the negatives too

A few of the Powerlines previous customers have complained that the build quality on this home gym is not up to the standard you would expect from a top of the range piece of equipment. This is something worth keeping an eye on.

You best sum it all up!

All things considered this is a very nice home gym. If you have the room for it and know that you would be dedicated enough to justify the price then I see no reason as to why you would not enjoy having the Powerline in your home. It can provide you with a full body workout very easily and it saves you all of the hassle and bother of going to a gym and setting up a membership there. It is perfect for gym newbie’s and veterans alike and is easily a candidate for best home gym of the year!