PPC Power Pressure Cooker Pro Review

Something that can: speed up the process of cooking, simplify it, and even help you to get more flavour into your food (not saying that it needs it!) is something that I can only assume you will want in your life. To cut a long story short, this is what a pressure cooker does. It’ll speed things up and help sort things out in the kitchen.

Are the features worth getting a pressure cooker for?

One feature alone stands out with the PPC and it is the flavour infusion technology. In Lehman’s terms, this means that the steam which is being used to cook your food forces moisture into whatever you have decided to cook, and as a result it will be more tender and hopefully delicious! If you are feeling particularly lazy on a certain day, you can utilise the slow cook mode on the machine and leave it to do its work for hours at a time before tucking in to a perfectly cooked meal. Keep warm mode does what it says on the tin but is a real positive too!

I’m stylish. Is my oven going to be too?

Small, sleek, and with a red and chrome finish, this could be the latest Ferrari I’m talking about but it isn’t. It’s the pressure cooker. Whilst it may not be as much of a talking point at your next party as it would be if you were to buy an Italian sports car, it certainly won’t look out of place on your kitchen counter top. If you want to find out more detailed info on the style of this and similar cookers, then please do visit the site linked to above.

So what are the good points?

This tiny yet powerful machine can save any discerning chef a lot of time and an awful lot of effort in the kitchen. It can cook food faster, help with the flavours, and cook whilst you aren’t even there! It’s small size and almost elegant looks mean that you won’t have to hide it in the back room when you’ve finished becoming the Gordon Ramsey of pressure cooking too, so all in all it has a lot going for it.

Any reason I shouldn’t buy it?

Pressure cookers could go down under the title of “impulse buy”, so unless you know you’ll use it, it may not be worth stretching for just yet. The only negative point from this machine is the fact that it can only hold six quarts, so it does not have the biggest internal dimensions on the market.

Let’s finish up.

PPC’s little machine is a worthy addition to any home. It can help you cook new, exciting dishes that you may have never had the time or effort for previously, due to its flavour infusion panel. Known for your beef joint coming out a little tough? The pressure cooker can help fix that. Famed for your chicken being the worst in the family? The pressure cooker can help fix that. Want to win the lottery and retire to the Maldives? Well the pressure cooker can’t help fix that, you’re on your own there I’m afraid but you get the picture!