Revive Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Waking up refreshed and ready to start your day is ideal for anyone, although it doesn’t always happen. Old spring mattresses have been outdated since the modernized custom designed beds and memory foam mattresses came into the market. Many people find that these mattresses are easier to move around and station in the home. They have also provided some with unlimited nights of restful sleep! Spending a hundred to two hundred dollars on your rest and comfort is worth each penny, so why not try out a memory foam mattress?

Details and Dimensions

To avoid having to continuously flip the mattress, memory foam mattress such as this Revive gel mattress, have an easy zip-down design where you can remove the cover and wash it. There is twelve inches of gel infused foam that keeps the sleeper cool during the night and support for their entire body. The breakdown of the mattress is ideal to help support the shoulders, hips, and back and it includes two inches of air flow foam, three inches of gel foam, and a base that is seven inches of foam. Elastic foam is considered to be the highest of quality offered for foam mattresses, and it is included in the manufacturing of this mattress as well.

The Positives of this Revive Gel Mattress

Reliable memory foam mattress reviews are difficult to find thanks to those who wish to make unwarranted claims about products they have never tested or even received. However, amazon reviewers are verified and many of them have found this mattress ideal for their situations. Many consumers have found that this product ships extremely fast and that the quality of the mattress is more than worth the price that they paid. Even though some may say the sides should be firmer, they have reported a great nights worth of sleep as soon as they started sleeping on the gel mattress and even months later.

The Negatives of this Revive Gel Mattress

Gel mattresses come compressed in a roll so that they can be shipped safely. They are then taken out and expand over the next 48 hours to intended size. Some consumers have experienced less expansion than the size that they original thought they were purchasing. For a twelve inch mattress, the expansion only went to approximately ten inches, making it hard for some to give in and start sleeping on it. The firmness has also been a question, since it is to be medium-firm and comes out extremely soft. Others are finding that the level of comfort is extremely low as there is no cushion, according to their reports.

The Conclusion…

Whether you are looking for a mattress to replace the older one in the guest bedroom or looking to find something that is easy on your body while you sleep, a gel mattress is a great choice to consider. Many people have found that their restless nights are over after purchasing a gel mattress. Although some may say it doesn’t fit their situation, because it is too firm or too soft, others have found that these mattress have been the greatest upgrade they’ve ever made.