Rusk Speed Freak Ceramic Hairdryer Review

I am happy to utilize anything that will make my life that little bit easier and take some of the stress away. There are a lot of things that fall into this category but the one that is perhaps most under rated and overused is the humble hairdryer. There is not a day goes by that most people all around the world don’t wake up and give their hair a quick blast with their hairdryer of choice. Thanks to modern technology, using a hairdryer is a piece of cake. The hard part comes when choosing which hairdryer you want, but luckily for you we are here to help! In today’s review we will be inspecting the Rusk Speed Freak dryer to see what’s good about it, what’s bad about it, and whether or not it is worth considering bringing into your home. 

Tell me about its features

The first thing worth mentioning when looking at the Rusk is the ceramic tourmaline technology it has incorporated into its shell. When combined together these two attributes will help to keep the frizz that is sometimes known to occur with normal hairdryers away from the hair drying process, and thanks to this you should begin to see better results. The Rusk gives you an amazing level of control over the air that comes out of it and that is thanks to the seven different heat and speed setting it has. By having this many to choose from you are bound to find the one that is right for your hair. This hairdryer is also has a removable filter which is the best way to prevent dust built up.

What are its good points? 

This hairdryer is used by professional hairstylists up and down the country so that should be testament to its abilities. It has been very well though out and designed. The settings being on horizontal wheels rather than traditional vertical buttons is a nice touch as it means that you are a lot less likely to accidently switch it when using it, and having an 8 foot cord means that you can travel from room to room without any consideration.

What are the bad points? 

Apart form the odd customer saying that their product stopped working, which is more likely than not because they got a dud machine rather than the design of the dryer itself there really does not appear to be anything wrong with this hairdryer. Should you want to check out other hairdryers to compare to the Rusk, then the place to do so is here at

What’s the conclusion? 

There have been so many positive and good things said about the Rusk by people who have used it that there isn’t too much more that needs to be said about it. If you are on the lookout for a new hairdryer then this may very well be the one for you because it will not only dry your hair quickly and thoroughly, but it also has technologies in it which will benefit your hairs health. The Rusk is a top of the range piece of kit which I recommend you definitely take a closer look at.