Yamaha EF5500DE Portable Generator

Yamaha is a brand known for delivering a wide range of top quality products, from motorcycles to keyboards, so it stands to reason that they’d make a solid and reliable generator and that’s just what you get with the EF5500DE. It’s one of the more fuel-efficient models available at the moment and brings a wealth of safety features, a convenient control panel with four outlets, and a running power of 4,500 watts. All of this adds up to a generator that is well suited as a back-up power system for the home and perfect for providing power at the jobsite too.

Power Packed Performance

The EF5500DE offers up to 5,500 watts of power, with a running power of 4,500 giving it just an extra 1,000 for those extra surges for starting up your electrical appliances. This is a narrow margin, to say the least, and on the lower end of the spectrum for surge increase in most consumer brand generators. But this Yamaha excels where it counts, as that running power can be maintained for up to 9 hours with a full load and up to 12 hours at half. They’ve equipped it with an idle function that brings the engine to down when it’s not delivering power, which helps you to save fuel and adds to the efficiency of the unit. The EF5500DE has a fuel tank capacity of nearly 7 gallons, so you’ll be refilling it less and enjoying the benefits of this useful generator for far longer than many of the other guys’ units.

Convenient Control

The generator has a simple user interface that features four household outlets along with two 120/240-volt outlets, one of which is a twist-locking outlet. You also get a voltage selector switch that allows you to delineate the necessary voltage for the appliance you’re using, this reduces the likelihood of plugging in to the wrong current and damaging your electrical device. If you only need 120V, then you can ensure that’s all that comes out of the generator while also maintaining the option of having 240V when necessary. Additional features include an electric starter and auto choke for effortless push button starting, a standard fuel gauge that lets you know when you need to refill the tank, and digital voltage and hours meters.

Safety Sensible

Yamaha has taken safety to heart with the EF5500DE, equipping the unit with a Ground Fault Circuit Interruption (GCFI) feature which snaps into action if the generator senses a current leak in the ground, this way you reduce the possible risk of electric shock. It also has a low oil sensor which prevents the generator from running if it’s low on oil. Much like the engine in your car, if there’s not enough oil you can ruin the generator to the tune of costly repair.

Summing Up

The EF5500DE is a rugged customer that comes equipped with roll cage protection for use in any high traffic or bumpy environment. The 5,500 wattage capacity makes it the preferred choice to power your home or jobsite and is one of our favorite units because of everything it provides. In case you’re looking for something a little bit different than what this Yamaha has to offer, be sure to visit http://www.houseofgenerators.org to see more reviews of generators to fit any budget.